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There are competitions, special guests for the kids, speakers throughout the day. There’s something for all ages and all people who are on the spectrum, carers, educators and everyone else!

Autism services are often discovered by word of mouth, trial and error and by researching on the internet.

We want to help you take the guess work and hard work out about what’s available.

There will be exhibitors covering the areas of:
  • Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Teacher training
  • Anti-bullying organisations
  • Natural therapies
  • Calming and education equipment supplies
  • Clubs and sports groups
  • Community, Government and Adult support organisations
  • and many more...

AHWB Association
The Autism Health & Well Being Expo is being run by the Autism Health & Well Being Association Incorporated, a not-for-profit charity organisation. Click here to visit the Association’s website.


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    11 Apr 2015
    Bullying occurs at a much higher rate for children with autism than others, some statistics state that 75% of children with an ASD have been bullied. Nearly 30% of cases involves physical acts such as slapping, kicking, pushing. Our goal is for the wider community to understand, accept and celebrate people on the spectrum. There will be anti-bullying exhibitors you can visit with a wealth of ways to help. But immediately – thank you for landing on this page as it shows you have taken a step towards our goal.
    11 Apr 2015
    Chances are, there is at least one child with autism in every classroom, if not more, diagnosed or undiagnosed. Educators are expected to implement strategies to help these kids but are already overworked and overwhelmed. And that’s why we have training organisations at the expo who can outline their services available to educational organisations such schools, universities, preschools and kindergartens by way of staff professional development sessions, workshops and seminars. We are all in this together and we desperately need educators on board.
    11 Apr 2015
    Children on the spectrum benefit from early intervention. When all therapies and services work together for the child, it can be pure magic! We have a range of services exhibiting so that you can find out what’s available for your child. Teens and adults are not forgotten, there will be exhibitors who provide interventions for this age group as well.
    11 Apr 2015
    Carers are our silent heroes. They just get on with it and don’t expect rewards or recognition. And much of the time, they don’t have time to care for themselves. We invite Carers to come and find something for themselves at the Expo. To feel special and help cope with the demands of caring. Because they deserve it.
    11 Apr 2015
    The mindfulness that meditation brings can help lower blood pressure, improve concentration and sleep quality which in turn, lowers stress. Anxiety and stress is prevalent in people with autism and their carers. Visit the natural therapy services such as meditation and Reiki exhibitors. It may just work out to be a good fit for you and yours!